Always put the athlete first

As a tenniscoach there is no or very little room for planned vacation. You have vacation when your player is resting. Period. I had a great talk with a coach the other day about this topic. Being a coach is tough job (as many jobs are) and the job of the coach should not be underestimated. One (1) of my personal principles is to always put the player first. The player in the middle. Whats good for the player. What do the player need now. And then work around that. With that said coaching is the best job in the world and would not change it for anything BUT you have to make sacrifies. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are ready to make them for the best of your player. Otherwise let someone else do the job for the best of the player.

Put the spotlight on the athlete and take satisfaction in your contribution to their success.

Booktip- “A game plan for life and the power of mentoring by coach John Wooden”. Good book that I just finnished. The take aways are again very much about principles for life as for baseball. About being a mentor and being mentored. Do you have a mentor? Maybe you DO but you don’t know you do? Are YOU a mentor for someone? Maybe you are without knowing it!

Be a role model with actions. Not words.

Be trustworthy in your actions.

A solid long term coach is a commited coach. Committed to its plan and goals for the athlete. Not disturb by other business things arising. Stay true to your athletes. Coaching is not only the time spent on court. Its thinking and reflecting.

Hand in hand with consistency comes honesty and truth.

”Everyone wants to be a beast until its time to do what real beasts do”.

Simplicity-thoughtful repetition of the basics presented in different forms. More is not always better. But have in mind that simplicity does not equal simple. That goes also for good Hamburgers:)

Going back home for a week now. Spend time with my kids and start the new semester at the academy is on my agenda. After that back to New York for the US Open again.

Have a nice weekend friends!


1 thoughts on “Always put the athlete first

  1. Kate Mullen says:

    “Always put the player first. The player in the middle. What’s good for the player? What does the player need now?” “BUT you have to make sacrifices.” “Not be disturbed by other business things arising.” I love reading your blogs, Magnus & appreciate the insight you give into things I know little about. This isn’t meant as a criticism – it’s just the observation of a reader. You made all of the above comments & then, ended your piece with: “Going back home for a week now. Spend time with my kids and start the new semester at the academy is on my agenda.” The irony made me laugh out loud! I would insert a smiley-face emoji here, if I could! Please don’t take offence! Like I said, I’m not criticising. Just observing!! Enjoy your time at home and I hope you & Stan have a good US Open.

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