New York

What do you think of this player? Can he be a good player? Probably the question i get asked the most, apart from ”What happened to Swedish Tennis”.

For me its almost impossible to answer that question. Most likely because im really bad at predicting the future but i also know how many factors that really plays in when it comes to ”making it”. I have also learnt that with hard work, repeated over time with dedication and a ”Im gonna make it” attitude can take you very very far!

To say that someone is talented and will ”make it” or for that matter is LACKING talent and ”He will not make it” just is not good coaching in my eyes. Its so much that comes into play over a long period of time. And talent?? If you happen to follow me you also know how i define talent.

If the player is good enough and has enough skills the mental aspects will play a huge part if the player will ”make it” or not. The will to push through also on tough days. To not give in. To not loose motivation when going through failure. To follow a team and a plan for a long period of time instead of looking for ”freerides” or change to often. Anyway. That about that.

This week we are back in New York for the first time since Stan won here. We have had a good trip so far and improved a great deal i think. Step by step. Toronto and Cinci was good tournaments for us. Actually we are just very very happy to see him play at that level again. Its tough to come back from an injury BUT there are also Injuries and then there are INJURIES. This one was tough and nothing to play around with. Stans doctor, fitness coach Pierre, fysio Serge and coach Yannick has been with him and done an amazing job together with Stan who has shown his character more than ever.

We are training at Flushing Meadows this week. Great facilities and the organisation is really trying to imporove last years and keep up with the rest of the Grand Slam events. This year a huge investment has been made in totally remodelling the Louis Armstrong stadium. Its impressive indeed! People also ask me -What tournament is your favourite? And to be honest i think all Tournaments are really good these days. Im just so priveledged to have this as my job. The tennisfamily (ITF, ATP, WTA i dont really care as we all represent the sport tennis) is doing an amazing job and to be a tennisplayer and coach on this tour is such a huge preveledge. Thank you!!

For all tennisfans out there i wish you a few great weeks!

Have a nice day!


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